Dato 'Aliyah Karen | Tulips Movement Malaysia



“Don’t think charity, think humanity” was coined by ‘Aliyah, who has helped raise millions for various causes in Malaysia and abroad. Currently the CEO of MAA Medicare Charitable Foundation, she spearheads the running of both the Charitable arms; the Kidney charity fund, which houses 12 dialysis centres and the Heart charity fund, which runs its first noble cardiac diagnostic centre in Malaysia. 

With an MBA under her belt majoring in Human Resources, she is also a certified Trainer from TESOL(US) and HRDF( Malaysia). Her passion for writing has won her International accolades and awards. She speaks on PR and Publicity for Hospital management and shares her fundraising and capacity building knowledge amongst NGOs in Asia. 

‘Aliyah is passionate about helping others, for everyone deserves to lead a normal, healthy life. She believes education, opportunities and encouragement, can and should be provided to everyone, as they are the valuable ‘stepping stones’ to how one designs and creates his or her own future. Combined with strong values, integrity and kindness, this will help to build a new generation of well rounded people. 

As the advisor to the Tulips Movement, she is passionate to gather, work and grow with like minded, strong women, who would each play a diversified role in sharing their knowledge for the betterment of women in Malaysia. 

“The good news is there’s no lack of expertise amongst women, nor a war against woman in Malaysia. Empowering women doesn’t come from selfishness but rather from selflessness. Together, let’s make a difference. They grow, we grow”  ‘Aliyah Karen

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