‘Don’t think and do charity, feel and do humanity’ was coined by ‘Aliyah, who has helped raise millions for various charitable causes in Malaysia and abroad. Previously the CEO of MAA Medicare Charitable Foundation, she successfully spearheaded the running of both the Charitable arms; the Kidney and Heart charity funds.

Besides being the Advisor of the Tulips Movement, ‘Aliyah has generously added more on her plate. She is currently the Chairman and Co-Founder of the Health on World (HOW) Foundation, which advocates harmonizing oneself mentally, emotionally and physically. She is also a Board and advisory member for a hospital and a chain of private clinics.

Her drive towards continuous learning seems obvious, as after an MBA in Human Resources Management, a degree in Public Relations and a certified Train the Trainer from both US and Malaysia she is now pursuing a Doctorate in Management. Her passion for writing has won her international accolades and awards. She speaks on PR and Publicity at hospital management conferences and workshops and shares her fundraising and capacity building knowledge among NGOs in Asia. 

Coming from a humble background, ‘Aliyah is a strong believer of ‘paying it forward’. She quotes “Help without expecting anything in return. Constantly count your blessings and help create opportunities, encourage and support those who are in need. Instill strong values, integrity and kindness, for these characteristics will help deliver the next generation of well rounded, kind, compassionate people”.

When she wears the Tulips’ hat (or pin), she mitigates on ‘opening doors’ for women to showcase themselves for two main reasons; empowering women doesn’t come from selfishness but rather from selflessness and there’s no lack of expertise among women, just lack of opportunities.

“ I don’t need to argue about gender equality for gender has no voice” - ‘Aliyah