Membership Lead

It’s often said ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. That saying best suits February, who despite her demure and timid looks, is a Chemical Engineer who currently plays on the same playing level as the big boys in the oil and gas industry. 

‘Business management systems’, ‘transformation’, ‘process improvements’ and ‘change management ‘ are all BIG words to most people but not to February. She is the expert who brings people and processes together to create excellent, efficient and effective outcomes on any given task. 

She currently heads two teams focusing on Business Process designs, lean transformation and Governance of data and technical management.  

On a lighter note, she is responsible and passionate in bringing people together to create and transform simple ideas and suggestions into vision and goals, which she strongly believes can be achieved with sheer determination.

As the secretary (enabler) to the Tulips movement, she is the ‘glue’ that sticks the dynamic team of ladies in ensuring that all projects, discussions and meetings run like a well-oiled machine. 

As a result orientated person, she is confident of bringing out the best in women to let them shine and be the best version of themselves