Balancing Passion with Profession

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Have you ever felt compelled to have a passion that (as a bonus) also doubles as a side hustle? Have you ever felt that your day job isn’t enough for you and you just have to do more?

I see it a lot these days on social media. Almost every other post I read, is about how to monetise your passion and making into a business that provides you a second income.

I genuinely understand it, and I have to admit that I am somewhat doing it myself. However, I do feel that there is a difference between doing it because you feel really strongly about it, and doing it just because you want the money. I would like to believe that most people reading this are the former, i.e. interested in pursuing your passion which could be baking, working out, writing etc!

Side note: Even if you do not create any income with your passion, that is perfectly fine. What is important is that it makes you feel fulfilled and gives you something to look forward to in life!

Now, allow me to share my passion with you!

I absolutely love developing myself and in turn, empowering others. I am constantly working on myself, be it physically or mentally. The one thing that I find fascinating and helps me pursue this passion is Tarot cards.

Now, you might be imagining a witch in a tent, with a crystal ball on her table, waiting to read your fate. But no, let me correct that wrongful media portrayal of Tarot cards.In reality, frankly anyone can learn how to read Tarot, and it is actually a great tool to allow growth and to gain clarity in your life.

I got to know about Tarot cards during a confusing time in my life. At that time, it gave me the clarity and guidance that I needed to move forward. The feeling that I had after my Tarot reading made me realise that I want to help people in the same way. Thus, I took classes and started reading for my friends and family. After a while, I started to read for strangers at a small price, all while working on my day job!

Whenever I do Tarot readings for clients, at the end of the reading, most of them would feel empowered, affirmed and guided in the right direction. That feeling fuels my passion for Tarot even more, knowing that I have helped my clients who are in difficult situations.

Now, the million dollar question for today is: How do you balance your passion with your profession?

Here are a few tips that I found helpful for myself.

Set goals that you want to achieve.

This might be advice you hear anywhere and everywhere, but it is very important. As Stephen Covey put it, “Begin with the end in mind”.

Whether it is attending 4 yoga classes every week, or selling 3 cakes via your Instagram page, it is important to know what you want your passion to lead you towards.

Allocate time in your schedule for your passion.

Just like how we schedule work meetings into our calendars, do the same thing for your passion. Want to read a book? Schedule it in. Going for a yoga class? Note that down.

Consciously making time for your passion gives you the motivation to continue even after a long day at work.

Forgive yourself if you are unable to give enough attention to your passion.

There will be times that we may have to focus on other priorities, aka your profession. It’s okay to take a break from your passion to attend to work (unless your passion is your work, then that’s another story!).

Just like the story of “The Hare and The Tortoise”, always remember that you are working on your passion slowly but surely.

In short, I would say that your passion is not something that you can, or even want to, achieve in a day. It is a lifelong growth, and development. Some people after a while, can even turn their passion into a career. Ultimately, no matter how big or small your plan is, what’s important is that you find meaning and fulfillment through your passion.

About the author

Sandra is a young corporate go-getter who is dedicated to developing herself and empowering others. She loves Tarot cards, working out, and speaks at university events. Connect with her on Linkedin:

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