It's okay to cry

An ordinary girl from a close neighbourhood, raised and brought up by humble middle class parents who were determined to give their children best in life. That’s me, Rethina Gunaseelan and I am a proud member of TULIPS Movement.

There were many times in my life, I was questioned for leaving a proud profession of medical doctor and pursuing different career as a medical sales representative. Kid you not, I received many criticisms than words of encouragement when that happened several years ago but today, that bold step have changed my life drastically to a point, I am grateful I made that choice. Simply because it allowed me to meet many like minded people and also allow me to pursue my personal goals and most importantly inspire other women who need support to climb their career ladder. There were many incidents which led to many wet pillows at night but with the support of my family and friends, I came out stronger than before and just recently I was fortunate enough to be promoted within my organisation to be a proud member of an International team working closely together making differences in patients’ lives, STILL.

Maybe you’re a woman in a high-powered career with young children at home, and life feels like a constant battle. Maybe you’re already in a high-powered job and you’re hesitating, or even afraid, to tell your boss you’re pregnant. You could even be a young woman starting out. The truth is, there is no single stereotype of success hence no clear solutions are available. Tackle cultural norms and bias. For a start, ask more meaningful questions, build relationships and be willing to branch out for help. Embrace your body, mind and soul. Develop a plan for advancement that ensures both your professional and personal goals can be met. You are IMPORTANT and never IMPOSSIBLE.


About the Author

Dr Rethina Gunaseelan is the International Medical Excellence Lead of Astra Zeneca. She is also a Mental Health Advocate and a well sought after speaker. Connect with her on LinkedIn:

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