The Things That Matter

Washing dishes can be therapeutic (what??)

Putting out the clothes can be a stress-buster (say again??)

Taking long walks can be calming and relaxing and great reflection-sessions (yup, but we knew that already.)

Now coming back to that washing dishes bit. Getting the dishes done that Sat jogged my memory back all the way to that fateful day back in 98’.

“Jeevan, you’ve been at the back (Back of the House or BOH is what we call behind the counters often hidden section of most FNB and retail operators) quite a bit today”

“Yeah, all this mugs and stuff piling up and no one attending to it, someone’s got to do it” (The BOH is the not-so-glam deployment at Starbucks, everyone wanted to be at the POS or at the Bar or at the Frappuccino section)

“I feel you’re wonderful with people and I want you to be upfront tomorrow.”

With that, I found myself in front of the Bukit Bintang Girl School at 1:15pm, ready to hand out great Frappuccino samples. Thanks to Amy, our then trainer cum consultant from Seattle.

That was exactly how I got to be a “Service Champion” and able to interact with almost anyone from all walks of life. From the high school youths, to parents who reminisce about their good old school days, to the sharp-suited businessman over their meetings and celebrities during our launches and special events. From there grew my love of meeting people, training, and with that the opportunities of being a Starbucks Facilitator, Manager Coach Mentor and Store Coffee Master.

So, I say thank you to the dishes which had to get done and to Amy for recognizing my flair for People, Passion, Patience and Service.

It is often easy for us to overlook our blessings especially when we tend to compare ourselves to the Joneses but when you actually broaden your horizon and view the world as a whole, you’ll soon realise that there’s tremendous blessings in our life and much to be grateful for.

What is Gratitude really? It is how much we truly are grateful and thankful for. And if you truly shut out all the noise and disconnect; there’s innumerable things in your life right now to be Grateful For. Focus on this, and Amplify it in your Life; and Abundance and Daily Gifts will be ever present.

The company I’m attached to currently has sadly been adversely impacted by the current situation and I’ve been busy upping my networking and job applications. I came close a couple of times; but one company said they needed another few more weeks to properly strategize and select the new hires for the positions being sought; and all this after several phases of filter and interviews including one business case which I had to present to the GM and C Suite (over a period of 6 weeks nonetheless!) and how exactly have I kept my spirit going, my positivism upbeat and my mind sharp?

This I’ve to thank some of my good friends; some whom I’ve met over this wonderful networking platform called LinkedIn; good chats and catching up never fails to lift you up and gives you a momentum boost. Friendships like this are a Blessing. Thank You Mallory Loone, Sumathi Krishnan and Nur Kaser. Dr. Reza, Gary Brown and Monir Azzouzi and many others.

But most of all, I am grateful for each day God breathes life to me; filled with Health, Vitality and Opportunity. For Family, and Parents (their support & prayers), a good roof, good food on the table, good clothes on my back and so on but nothing beats the feeling of when your 3 and 5-year-old runs and embraces you; stripping every line of stress with it. and this to me is the greatest blessing of all. Of course, my better half to whom I’m celebrating 9 years together; stories of many folks being driven apart by spending so much time together makes me celebrate the fact that we’ve grown closer together; this comes to mind – reservoir of trust.

We are the sum of all parts developed and acquired throughout the years

And Audacity of Hope!

Badrillah Jeevan is always one to venture off the beaten track; with the firm belief that Life's an Adventure. If you don't choose the Adventurous Path, then you're not really living. Follow his adventures on

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