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Raja Azura seems to be your next-door ‘plain Jane’, the simple down to earth lady who you probably wouldn't notice until you hear her speak. Your heart will melt, you'll get all excited and motivated for that’s her forte; a passionate leader who drives any agenda with passion and power. 

She is an avid believer that every individual have their own strengths to succeed, and it's their right to do so with opportunities given and proper guidance from strong individuals like herself. It’s no wonder she is called the advocate for ‘underdogs’ and the inspirational motivator to many others. 

A leader at heart, she has vast experience in grooming and quantum leaping young talents in transforming themselves from “average students to excellent achievers”,  “zero skill youth to competent workers” and  “local gems to international prize winners”. 

During her stewardship at Yayasan Peneraju, more than 25,000 young talents, especially from the B40 group, were given the opportunity to realise their dreams and aspirations. 
With over 20 years of knowledgeable experience under her belt, Azura aspires to continue imparting her knowledge, experience, and wisdom to motivate and groom everyone who crosses her path. 


As the advisor to the Tulips Movement, she is keen to map out areas of development, identify potential growth and create opportunities to the broad spectrum of women, who are the pillars of strength in every family. 

“A woman has the power to create, nurture and transform.” Raja Azura.