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Reena graduated with a degree from Universiti Utara Malaysia. Upon graduation, she worked in the insurance industry for the 22 years.  She continues to acquire more knowledge by enrolling in professional examinations and certifications. Now, she has diversified her career in different areas in financial services industry. 

Reena also loves to bake. She bakes and sells cookies during festive seasons and on demand basis.

Raised by a single parent with all sisters in a family, Reena recognised hardships and the importance of financial management at a very young age. She and her siblings had to do part-time jobs while still at school to lighten the burden of their mother.  Surrounded by and growing up in a family of all girls taught her to be very independent and resilient. 

Reena has a very interesting family as she has a diverse family and cultures.  She was married to a Malay while other sisters are married to different nationalities and cultures.  Her family adopts 2 important values in order to stay in harmony, i.e. respect and acceptance of each other religion, race & culture.

Reena has many stories to share as she experienced hardships while growing up; went through a lot of challenges in her marriage and at work; recovered from depression and anxiety; and started a new journey in her career and life in 2018. 

She hopes to motivate and inspire others especially women to F.L.Y (first love yourself).  Only with self-esteem, you are empowered to design and lead the life according to your own standard and be happy.